As adopted April 3, 1974

1. Extent - Applies to all lots in Claymont Subdivision.

2. Land Use - No Lot shall be used except for residential purposes, and no building can be used other than as a single family dwelling.

3. Alterations - No building shall be erected or altered until the construction plans and specifications, and a plan showing location of the structure on the lot have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee as to quality of workmanship and materials, harmony of external design with existing structures, and locations with respect to topography and finish grade elevation. No fence or wall shall be erected or altered without such approval on any lot nearer to any street than the minimum building set back line, with the exception of a hedge or other planting.

4. Building Location -
1. No building nearer to a side street line than the minimum building set back line shown on the plats, and at least 30 feet from said street line.
2. No building shall be nearer than 6 feet to an interior lot line.
3. No dwelling shall be located on any interior lot nearer than 20 feet to the rear lot line, except for eaves, steps and porches which cannot be closer than 1 foot to a side or rear line.
4. No dwelling on any lot less than 90 feet wide, or with less than 12,500 square feet.
5. No lots shall be re-subdivided without express permission of Architectural Control Committee.
6. Utility easements as per plat and over the rear 5 feet of each lot.

5. Nuisances - No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on any lot that is a nuisance to the neighborhood. All lots shall be kept in neat and clean condition. Any accumulation of trash or failure to cut grass or pull weeds shall constitute a nuisance.

6. Temporary Structures - No temporary structure, trailer, basement or garage shall be used as a residence.

7. Signs - No signs shall be displayed to public view except a professional sign 1 foot square, or a 5 foot square for sale or for rent sign.

8. Animals - No animals, livestock, or poultry shall be kept or raised for commercial purposes.

9. Refuse disposal - No lot shall be maintained as a dump. Trash shall be kept only in sanitary containers.

10. Sight Distance at Intersections - No fence, wall, hedge or shrubs shall obstruct sight lines between 2 and 6 feet above roadways at intersections, and 25 feet back from the corners of intersections. No shrubbery along driveways within 10 feet of the street line.

11. Architectural Control Committee - Self-perpetuating control board of 3 Claymont residents serving without compensation.

12. Committee Approval - Any approval or disapproval of the Architectural Control Committee must be in writing. When plans and specifications have been submitted, if no reply within 30 days, approval is implied.

13. Term of Covenants - Until 1991, and automatically extended for successive periods of 10 years unless instrument signed by majority of then lot owners is recorded, agreeing to change these covenants.

14. Enforcement - Enforcement shall be by suits at law or in equity against any person violating these covenants, either to restrain them from further action or to recover money damages.

 Tom Rogers